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Tucked away in the bushes lies a quiet white house, warm, inviting and nothing like the building which stand tall round it. I’ve walked passed it countless times, yet I have not stopped to really notice it, even though at the back of my mind I knew of its existence. This is not your typical house next door.

One special night, I decide to pay her a visit. With a friend at my side, pacing in doubt and fearing the fear of uncertainty. We approached a small welcome sign on the side walk, still thinking it might just be a bad idea we stepped foot on the pebbled stone path that led us right up to the door. One side of the white wooden double doors was opened. Silence. Empty. We stepped in.

Like an amateur voyeur that didn’t know much better, we took a few mores steps, closer and deeper into her heart and soul. I gently ran my fingers on the rack of cloths that hung on the side of the entrance. Dim lights. Warm and intriguing. A few tables and sofa chairs laid in stillness of the twilight. We spotted a table by the bar where two old fashion checked cushion sofas, a floral table cloth and a vintage lamp waited. The bar was lined with empty bottles and half full glasses, the book shelves by the fireplace stood humble but neglected.

We sat down and opened the menu. Certainly this was not the place to try out top chef meals, however from the little that the menu offered we managed to pick out the pasta and pizza, as well as the chocolate smoothies. Sounds pretty mediocre? We thought so too, but were a bit surprised how much it tasted like “home”. Pasta served on a ceramic plate and garnished with confetti lettuce pieces, then neatly shaped into a circle. Thick crust pizza, it had no resemblance it came from Italy but it looked like something from my own kitchen (if I had one now). Verdict for the smoothie? Well, lets just say it was more like slush with a pitch of chocolate flavour.

Don’t get me wrong though, I will be coming here again, maybe not for their culinary skills but more for its homely-ness and cozy-ness that my place right now lacks of.

It is unforgivably strange that not many dare to discover hidden beauties, like this café. So tucked away in the mist of high rise buildings. Many of us  don’t take the time to realize the hidden treasures laid right before our eyes.

Add: 天河北路倚云阁旁


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