Dumplings-Shanghai style

July 6, 2011 § Leave a comment

The first time I went to Shanghai, I didn’t recall having “Xiao long bao” or maybe I just don’t remember but 10 years+ down the line in this little city I found a little “xiao long bao” shop which I’m pretty sure it can measure up to the ones in Shanghai.  Just near the Nong Jiang Sou Metro station on line one, this little shop with an open kitchen for 4-5 chefs. One is kneading the dough, another is rolling out the paper thin skins, then two lady chef takes over filling in the wraps and neatly pleats the little bao, giving it that signature swirl  and then the final chef takes it to the steamers for 10-15 mins and they ready to eat. This transparent kitchen not only demonstrates their business ethics and compliance with health regulations but I guess its also a marketing strategy. Whatever the case, the truth lie within the tasting…

Being so impatient and an idiot, I took a bite and oozying out was hot steaming juice …aiya…burnt my tongue a bit, silly me. That didn’t ruin my appetite for the other bao’s puffing with heat looking at me telling me to eat them.  One after the other, down they go…go…gone. Mushroom with pork and plain pork bao’s dipped in the pink vinegar, a match made in heaven!!

You should go try it out, or let me know if there are other good dumplings places out there too.

Xiao Long bao
Add: Zhongshan san lu and De Zheng Lu Intersection or Metro Nong Jiang Sou exit A/B, GZ
中山三路和德政路交界 或地铁农讲所 A/B 出口, GZ


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