South East Asia Inspired

August 10, 2011 § Leave a comment

I know I’ve probably mentioned this a gazillion times before, but I just love South East Asian food!!! It’s tangy, it’s salty, it’s sweet and it’s spicy all mixed together.

So, in the kitchen I’ve experimented with a couple of things.

From left to right, top to bottomwe have:

1) Chicken salad. In this salad I brought some shredded salty chicken from the supermarket from the cooked food section. I asked them to leave out the sauce and other condiments that usually goes with the chicken. Then at home, I thinly sliced some cabbage (red and white), thinly sliced red onion and grated some carrots. Then for the dressing, some rice vinegar, sugar, pinch of salt, fish sauce ( a must have) and a sprinkle of pepper. Mix everything together and adjusting to flavours to suit your taste.

2) Long beans with tomato. I had a Thai curry paste which I brought in Hong Kong. I cooked a curry fish (below) and with the left over sauce I cooked the beans until they softened. I love how green beans turn to this bright leafy green colour the minute they hit the heat.

3) Thai curry fish. I first lightly pan fried the two sides of the fish to seal in the fish flavours as it cooks in the curry.  To the Thai curry paste I added some chopped tomatoes then propped the fish in the curry mixture and simmer for about 10-15mins or until the fish is cooked.  When it’s done, add a bit of sugar to taste and check if the flavours in harmony. (The instructions on the curry packet askes for cocnut milk, I didn’t have that at hand so I skipped it out, I think adding the coconut milk will make a big difference though)

4) Lemon grass pork. Lemon grass, need I say more? I love the smell and taste of lemom grass. FULL STOP! So anything that has lemon grass is bound to taste good. So I made these lemon grass pork chops, oh so gooooooood!! I preepared the meat over night so that the lemon grass flavours can sink ight into the meat. Adding a bit of chopped onions and seasoning with salt, pepper and soy then pop in to the fridge and let it do its magical. When ready to use, pan fry till meat is browned and cooked.

I still have a tom-yum paste, which I’m dying to attempt to make. Just need to search for a proper  kitchen and volunteers to try out my creation….=P


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