4 weeks late. Part 1

December 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

It’s taken me a while…ok, a very long while to write this post. I have a good reason, I promise.  WordPress is blocked in China; yes you read it, it’s BLOCKED, closed, shutdown and error on the screen if you try to open it. These are the joys of living in mainland. So, how did I manage to post this post? HAHA…!!

Anyway, this post is not supposed to be about blocked sites in China but about my wonderful 3 weeks in relax mode.

I was well looked after by the Sun Gods and Rain Gods, blessing me with perfect weather anyone could ask for.  I arrived just in time to catch the falling jacarandas; their lilac blossoms scatter the streets like a rolled out purple carpet to welcome me back to my lovely home in sunny South Africa.

I wrote a whole list of things that I wanted to do when I step foot on the African soil but mostly of what I did was pure relaxation. Waking up everyday with the rising sun, so excited to take walks in my garden; visiting the green peas and sweet pea bush for new treasures;  and having my two lovely dogs wag their tails as they follw my trail being curious as they are takes a nibble at the leaves…haha, I know my mom wouldn’t be too happy about that. I miss my dogs, I know they do too.



October 5, 2011 § Leave a comment

There is a new restaurant opened in town and everyone seemed to be hyped about it. When a friend from HK  Ms C came to visit we (with Ms N) went there to check it out.

The decor was very colourful but it felt a bit empty or maybe I’ve gotten used to the crowed-ness of China. From what I understand about Mexican food is that they love salsa and guacamole, tortilla and nachos, ceviche  and ofcourse tekila. The menu did offer a varity of foods but much which didn’ have explainations so we were bit unsure what to expect.

I’ll just mention a couple of the dishes we ordered whic I found quite interesting.

This was a grilled chicken tortilla with a bit of lettuce served with a bit of salsa. It was a light refreshing dish. But portions were a bit small.

This next dish is a chicken green stew cooked with avocardos. On the menu it said it was cooked in ancient method, well honesty it the bowl did seem quite ancient some what like it was made of  molten lava rock. And the taste? Well, for me it was a bit watery but the flavours are quite good I would love to have it with rice but they didn’t seem to serve rice here so we ordered a basket of the fresh totillas instead and this was how it came…

Isn’t it pretty? I love this little basket so unqiue it was what brought the Mexican feeling to the feast. I love the bright colours too just the right combination to brighten a rainy day.

That night’s dinner was also a small celebration of my two friend’s birthday, because I know that we will not be in the same city on their special days so, I wish them a very happy birthday, Ms C and Ms N!!

Tekila (Authentic Mexican Food) Bar and Restaurant  特其拉西餐厅
Add: No.11 Second Floor Jianshe Liu Ma Lu

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