The 365 Day Project

As we start a brand new year of 2013, Mr C decided that we should start a 365 project of our own. So here is mine.

Day 1


1 January 2013, the end of my holiday in Singapore. Waiting for boarding at Changyi Airport back to Shanghai. 
Had an incredible time here, the weather, the people, the foooood…too good for words, one needs to experience it to know. 
Beloved SG, see you soon!


Day 2


2 January 2013. Mangoes from the island of Mauritius! Flown all the way with a 10 day pit stop in Singapore. Delicious!


Day 3


3 January 2012. It’s snowing today! Well…just a little, but was the first ever snow I saw in this city.
It doesn’t really snow here though, so I guess I’m quite lucky to have seen it.


Day 4


4 January 2013. It’s snowing again today! More snow and colder than yesterday but non the less so excited to see snowwww!!
It’s so beautiful!  What a nice way to end the day. Happy 2013-1-4!! ”爱你一生一世“


Day 5


5 January 2013. Gloves for him and I to keep our hands warm in this freezing winter.


Day 6


6 January 2013. I was surpose to meet with my flight buddy tonight because she has a lay over in SH…but I didn’t see her.
I hope she ok because she said she wasn’t feeling well before her flight. Buddy, hope you are fine.


Day 7


7 January 2013. Discovered a new place today and there was Olé supermarket,
and those extr-alarge bottle caught my attention.

Seems somebody would be very pleased to see those Jonnies.


Day 8


8 January 2013. My first pineapple of the year, my first pineapple as a gift! LOL!
But thanks to this gift I got a little tropical on this side of town.


Day 9


9 January 2013.  Poppies, warm colours to brighten up the day. 


Day 10


10 January 2013.  Found some golden USD’s on the streets of Shanghai. Lucky day? : P


Day 11


11 January 2013. Love these little yellow folowers, there’s something magical about them
because it’s so cold and all the others are stripped naked of their leaves
yet this little plant is blooming with these golden balls of flowers. Really magical!


Day 12


12 January 2013. Vietnamese food my love! Discovered a new resto today and I fell in love.
Tasty and not too pricy. Just the way I like it.


Day 13


13 January 2013. It’s almost two weeks since coming back from awesome Singapore,
but I just can’t get my mind of her beauty.
So today, just a recap of the trip. This is the henna I got done at Little India.


Day 14


14 January 2013.  How you tried Curry Wurst? Well, I have…haha!
It’s actually a German sausage with a bit of curry powder sprinkled over, but non the less, the sausage was delicious! 


Day 15


15 January 2013. Discovering new places in the city. The Himalayas Center behind the Jumeirah Himalayas Hotel.
The exterior of this building is pretty cool.
Felt a little like walking in a contemporary cave of an artwork. 


Day 16


16 January 2013. When in a good mood, there’s always space for some yummy dessert.
This time it’s a “Cocoa Mocha cake” from my new found fav, Secret Recipe.


Day 17


17 Janaury 2013. Didn’t notice the numbers until I picked up my knife…pumpkin is the new paper?
Got to give some credit for the creativity here, though. 


Day 18


18 January 2013. Sometimes the big city is not just glits and glam. 


Day 19


19 January 2013. A little bit of dongbei cured meats anyone? Pig’s ears and other acquired tastes. LOL


Day 20


20 January 2013. Our first meal with our first oven.
A meal fit for the King…while almost, we didn’t have dessert. But good enough. 


Day 21


21 January 2013. Some healthy and rustic street food. Roasted sweetcorn/ mealies and sweet potato.


Day 22


24 January 2013. Received a big box of giantic strawberries from my kid. I feel so LOVED!


Day 25


25 January 2013. A “junk” food start to the weekend. One pizza, two flavours! YAY!


Day 26


26 January 2013. A train to South Africa? I’m hopping on! Wait for me!


Day 27


27 January 2013. Aww you silly furball…you know I’m not laughing. : P
LOVE dogs!


Day 28


28 January 2013. If you could paint the sky, what colour would it be?


Day 29


29 January 2013. Just another gloomy day at the Pier.


Day 35


3o January 2013. Wishing I was stranded in a forest wonderland.
Who might I come across?


Day 36


31 January 2013.  Received a Royal Mail today!! What a surprise!


Day 37


1 February 2013. These babies are to die for!! From a tiny family resto, nothing fancy, real food.
5RMB is all you need! 


Day 38


2 February 2013. Details on the road.  Love has no boundaries.


Day 39


3 February 2013. Snow storm! My first encounters.


Day 40


4 February 2013. A White carpet…magical!


Day 41


5 February 2013. Snow fight anyone?


Day 42


6 February 2013. Just chilling at a little cafe, enjoying the snow fall.


Day 43


7 February 2013.  Chinese New Year decorations, so festive!


Day 44


8 February 2013.  Always have been fascinated by this oddly shaped vegetable.
So excited that I discovered it today!
Saw it, held it, not sure about trying it though… have any of you tried it before?


Day 45


9 February 2013. WoW! These look amazing!! So different from the usual blooms. 


Day 46


10 February 2013. Happy Snake year!!! Dinner time!


Day 47


11 February 2013. It has surely been festival, with fireworks blasting through the whole night
and continued again this morning…China, Happy New Year…I’ve heard you loud and clear! !


Day 48


12 February 2013. Since it’s a holiday, why not make a pizza assembly line?


Day 49


13 February 2013. The first pizza from yesterday…one more to come.


Day 50


14 February 2013. Pizza number 2 from yesterdays cook out.
I love this one, with basil (left) and rocket (rocket). 2 in 1 pizzas!
Happy Valentines day!!


Day 51


15 February 2013. It’s started to get a bit warmer and the spring blossoms have started to show their faces.


Day 52


16 February 2013.  Just maybe in a parallel universe…just maybe…


Day 53


17 February 2013. Discovered a new street today. #yongkangroad #永康路
A bit of raindrop action won’t ruin a day if your strolling through here.


Day 54


18 February 2013. Another shot from #yongkangroad #永康路


Day 55


19 February 2013. Lunch at Old Bubbles on #yongkangroad #永康路
Salmon panini and potato with rocket salad.


Day 56


20 February 2013. Making my own tom yum goong for the first time!!!
So proud of myself because it turned out quite good, if I must say. : )


Day 57


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